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CTO | Restaurateur | Invest/Advise/Ex: Mass Dynamics, Cookaborough, Secure Code Warrior, Canva, Atlassian, Hashrocket, ThoughtWorks, OzEmail | YOW! Conferences


  • Rodolfo de Paula

    Rodolfo de Paula

    Never mind. Or plug your own function to make your own judgment.

  • Mairbek Khadikov

    Mairbek Khadikov

    Learning Distributed Systems by Doing

  • Maxine Sherrin

    Maxine Sherrin

    Here there be dragons

  • Dahlia Bock

    Dahlia Bock

    Software engineer, rock climber, wannabe runner, lover of food; especially of fried chicken.

  • ojaytee


    just a normal guy...

  • Vic


    Trying to get along...

  • Outliers


    Where I set down the details of my Journey from the Past into the Mysteries of the Future.

  • Guillaume Poulet-Mathis

    Guillaume Poulet-Mathis

    Developer & digital media enthousiast

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